I got my start working on professional sporting events, on corporate conferences, with nonprofits and alongside several of Seattle's top Wedding Planners, Event Designers and Florists. Although I have a varied background in events, weddings are where my heart is. I have always been fascinated by what brings two people together. I love getting to know each couple and helping them to create a day that truly captures the essence of their story. I feel ridiculously lucky that I get to call this my job! 

Fun Facts: 
↟ My love of the outdoors started at a young age. My aunt had us skiing when we were 4 and my Dad made us volunteer at Mt. Rainier, in the summers
 ↟ Growing up, one of my dreams was to visit every National Park
↟ I have attempted Mt. Rainier twice and have been denied by nature both times
↟ I believe Sasquatch might exist, if only in my heart!
↟ I love Seattle sports and actually worked with the Seahawks for a bit!
↟ I love bad jokes and Dad jokes
 ↟ I hate cilantro. If you don't know, you don't know!
 ↟ I'm not a huge "sweets" person but I have a addiction to gummies and Red Vines and I'd rather eat the batter of any dessert than the actual dessert itself
↟ In addition, I have a weakness for good french pastries (or a bad ones or any form of carb, really)
↟ I collect coasters. Like the cheap brewery/restaurant type
↟ I hate pumping gas and I am really sad that you have to pump your own gas in Oregon, now. I always looked forward to my visits there
↟I started getting grey hair when I was 20-ish and it's not the cool, perfectly placed pinstripe, like Stacey London rocks
↟I don't believe that chivalry or romance are dead and am grateful to have found someone that read this and responded with, 
 "Who said they were?"!

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Erika P. Hernandez

Owner, Planner, Trailblazer


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