Drawn to the unexpected, the undone, the grit. We crave an honest connection and prefer meaningful conversation to small talk. We believe in doing things your way or not at all and that rules are really just suggestions. We live for the in-between moments and have learned what details matter and which ones not to sweat. We're happiest in the mountains with a little dirt on our shoes and our doggo by our side!

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Over-prepare, then go with the flow

Home 47° 35' 46" N 120° 39' 41" W

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Erika & Ryan

E: Half sweet, double the coffee
R: Cold brew, no room

Coffee order

E: Murder podcasts, Daily Stoic
R: Murder podcasts, sports talk

Listening to

E: Wild ice skating, via ferratas
R: Fishing, ski touring

Want to pickup

E: Iceland, Alaska, PNW, SW
R: Same

Favorite place

E: Netflix holiday movies
R: Pizza #mostlyvegan

Guilty Pleasure


How long have you been planning weddings & elopements?

We have been planning weddings for over 8 years and elopements for 6. We have planned everything from ballroom weddings at The Four Seasons to elopements in Costa Rica! While large ballroom weddings aren't really our thing anymore, we can definitely say we've done it all!

Do you prefer one over the other?

We specialize in elopements and intimate weddings but full-size weddings (over 30 people) still account for about half of our schedule. If you feel like our style and services are a good fit for your vision, please don't hesitate to reach out! We would love to chat more!!

What is your design style?

Our design style is definitely PNW-inspired with Scandinavian influences--Clean & simple, with natural elements, including woods, metals, flowers, nature itself. We love incorporating pops of color and mixing masculine details with feminine. You can always expect lots of texture and cozy vibes! Our designs are laid-back and approachable--Intentionally a little imperfect. We want you and your guests to feel like you are sitting down to something special but not that you're going to get yelled at for touching the decor!

How many weddings & elopements to you do per year?

We take on 20-30 weddings and elopements per year, with the majority being elopements and intimate weddings. We don't take on more than 1 event per weekend or more than 2 per week and never plan events on back-to-back days!

Do you travel?

Yes! We are based in the Pacific Northwest and frequently work in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii and Canada but are available to travel worldwide--Check out our travel schedule and bucket list!

How far in advance do you book?

There are always exceptions but we typically book elopements anywhere from 1 month-6 months out (max 1 year out) and weddings 6 months - 18 months out.