Elopements & Adventure Weddings | What are they?

While planning a wedding can be fun and exciting (especially, if you have a wedding planner 😉 ), hosting a big party may not be your thing. More and more often, couples are choosing to forego tradition to elope or plan more intimate adventure weddings. Often times, these two ideas are one and the same but not always!

What is an elopement?

Traditionally, it means to “run away”. Now, a few things may have popped into your head upon hearing the term– when Romeo & Juliet ran away from disapproving parents, spontaneous nuptials in Las Vegas. The modern definition of “eloping” is more of a broad term and can encompass a multitude of scenarios–getting married in secrecy, a ceremony for the two of you and a party back home or a small destination wedding with your closest friends and family. Depending on who you ask, this can range anywhere from 2-30 people. It’s not always the case but these days, elopements tend to be slightly more planned out. They’re not always sudden and secretive as people elope for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s because of money (Just know eloping can save you money but it’s not always the “cheap” option.) or sticky family dynamics. The couple may want to focus on only each other, maybe they don’t have the time, their spouse could be deploying in the military or they could be adventurous and want to say “I do” in a way that first bound them. Elopements can take place at the courthouse, at a park, in the mountains, in your own backyard or half way around the globe!

For more on elopements, check out my elopement podcast episode, with the ladies of From Ring To Veil.

What is an adventure wedding?

An adventure wedding can be an elopement or it can be a 50+ person yurt sleepover, in the middle of the forest. Think breathtaking views, becoming one with nature, action packed activities. Many of my couples tell me that they want an adventure elopement or wedding (religious or non-religious) because they feel most spiritually connected outdoors. Same! For me, it’s in the mountains!! These couples tend to have a love of travel and passion for exploring. They want to be unique–they aren’t your typical rule-abiders. They are fearless–definitely not afraid of a little dirt. They live life on the edge, wear their hearts on their sleeves and value experiences over things. With an adventure wedding, the possibilities are endless. From mountains, to waterfalls, to beaches, to caves, to glaciers. Helicopter rides and jeep tours. Literally, wherever or however your imagination takes you!

For more information on our elopement and adventure wedding services, visit our elopements page. Don’t forget to take a peek at our  travel schedule and elopement bucket list for special pricing!

If you need a guiding hand to plan, officiate and/or create beautiful florals for your elopement or adventure wedding, contact The Greatest Adventure Weddings & Elopements to set up a complimentary consultation!

Cheers & happy planning!


Bride and Groom on edge of Rattlesnake Ridge with yellow bridal bouquet snowy mountains in background

Bride and Groom at snowy lookout for Elopement

Groom carry Bride in wedding dress on the beach toward the ocean

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