Planning a trip, in general, can be overwhelming–What airport do we fly into? What do we do first? Where do we stay? How do we get from one place to another? Now, try and plan that trip while also planning your wedding! We know your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, let us take some of the pressure off so you can actually enjoy your dream vacation!  


✔   Research
✔   Lodging, dining & activity recs
✔   Itinerary creation
✔   Personalized travel tips


- Personalized travel tips that include, but are not limited to, weather, transportation, currency, required travel documents, travel insurance, Covid-19 restrictions
- Unlimited communication by email
- Planning checklist
- Custom list of lodging recommendations, based on your style & budget
- Custom list of food & drink recommendations, based on your tastes & budget
- Custom list of activity recommendations, based on your interests & budget
- Creation of editable honeymoon itinerary (up to 2 weeks)
- 1 round of itinerary edits, if needed
- Creation of editable map w/ customized pins for easy directions
- Personalized packing list
- Access to our online honeymoon management tools
- (Optional) phone call lesson on how to use online honeymoon management tools

Starting @ $795

A la carte services:
- > 2 week itinerary
- Additional round of itinerary edits
- Text assistance during trip

Honeymoon Planning:


How long have you been planning travel?

Unofficially? Since I was 10--I used to watch hours of the Travel Channel and write down destinations, travel tips, etc. on lined notecards! Officially? Since 2017, as part of our destination elopement packages. Personally, I've set foot on 5 continents and explored ~20 countries! Some, more than once!

Why hire a honeymoon planner?
  • You don't have the time to plan a wedding AND a honeymoon
  • Covid-19 changed things and you don't want to sift through irrelevant information
  • The number of options make your head want to explode
  • You want to do EVERYTHING and need help prioritizing and maximizing your time
  • You've never planned a big trip before and you don't know what you don't know

Are you a travel agent?

No. One of the biggest differences is that we're not paid through commissions or kickbacks. We make certain recommendations because we feel they fit you best, not because we are incentivized to make them!

Do you book our flights, hotels, activities, etc.?

We don't. You book everything on your own (based off of our custom recommendations). Not to worry, though! If you need help along the way, you have unlimited communication with us!

Do you get discounts on travel?

They are limited at this point and we will extend any that apply! We will also give you money-saving tips and are, of course, always sure to keep your budget in mind when recommending lodging, activities, etc. to you!

What type of traveler do you usually work with?

Do you want to visit a mix of popular attractions (They're popular for a reason, right?!) AND explore hidden gems? Do you crave a little relaxation AND a bit of adventure? If that sounds like you, we're probably a good match! In our personal travels, it's taken us years to learn how to slow down--Rather than seeing/doing more, we try to experience each place better! Our recommendations and itineraries will align with your individual interests but we definitely love including experiences that will immerse you in the local history and culture!

How far in advance should I start planning?

We've planned a 9 day trip to Iceland in less than 5 weeks! That being said, we recommend ~6 months in advance!


Please be sure to read our FAQ section before inquiring. We can't wait to hear about what you've been dreaming up! 

Save our Mini-itinies for quick & easy reference!

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