Elopement Planning | 5 Ways to Include Family & Friends

You want to elope but your friends and family mean everything to you–Guess what! It’s possible to leave them behind without leaving them out! Whether it’s a couple only elopement or you plan to have a few guests tag along for the adventure, there are tons of ways to include the family and friends that won’t be with you on your elopement day! Below are just a few of our favorite ideas!

Have your officiant acknowledge them in the ceremony

Sweet and simple! When we’re officiating, we always ask couples if they’d like to acknowledge anyone that won’t be with them on their elopement day–This can be someone specific or we often include a general statement such as “I would like to take a moment to recognize those that are not with us today, there is no doubt they are celebrating from afar!”

Include voice messages in your ceremony

For this Redwood National Park elopement, Dana & Shannon’s friend secretly sent us a voice message to be played for them during their ceremony! It was such a sweet surprise! Another idea would be to have a family member or friend record a reading of your favorite verse, poem, etc.

Read letters from them on your elopement day

Savannah & Josh’s family hosted a farewell dinner before they left for their elopement where they gave them letters to read together after their ceremony! We’ve also had family and friends send us letters/notes to read to couples during the actual ceremony!

Watch video messages from them on your elopement day

Have your family and friends compile video messages for you to watch together on your elopement day! If you have a videographer, this is something they may be willing to help with.

FaceTime/Zoom them in for ceremony or a post-ceremony toast

Another option is to FaceTime/Zoom in your family and friends for your elopement ceremony! If you want to keep the ceremony for yourselves, you can always FaceTime/Zoom your VIPs for a post-ceremony toast!

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Cheers & happy planning!